Thomas Krüger 

Mr. Pianoman

Every now and then they occur. Exceptionally gifted musician who are able to fascinate people with just their instrument. Berlin based musician Thomas Krüger is one of those people. Thomas Krüger all alone on the piano is enough to catch and thrill the audience. But like so often in the modern world, his talent alone didn't get him the big break through. It was a study trip to Paris that changed his entire life. 

Two years ago he spotted a public piano at the airport Paris-Orly and spontaneously started playing a medley of well known Pop songs. His Mother recorded the performance and Thomas Krüger uploaded the video later on Youtube under the artist name “Mr. Pianoman”.

Overnight the video went viral and reached, until today, over 42 million views. 

From that moment on Thomas Krüger found his passion and kept on surprising the music world with more sensational piano videos. By now he has more than 700.000 subscribers alone on Youtube from all over the world. 


In 2020 Thomas Krüger has decided to put his own music first. After releasing his first original compositions on spotify and co., he is now starting his first solo tour called “Piano Medley’s in Concert”. During his full length piano concerts “Mr. Pianoman” Thomas Krüger mixes his own arrangements with Pop and well picked cover songs and sometimes he even plays songs on the audiences’ request. A truly surprising night full of piano music “Mr. Pianoman” Thomas Krüger.