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There are always talented instrumentalists who manage to move people with their instrument alone. Thomas is not a dusty pianist, as you might initially expect when you think of more classical instruments. He is young, talented and always fresh for new ideas.

As is so often the case in real life, it was not his talent alone that helped him achieve his breakthrough. It was a holiday trip to Paris that marked the turning point in his career. At Paris-Orly Airport in 2016, he saw a public piano in the waiting area and just played it, a medley of well-known pop songs that just caught his ear. His mother filmed the spontaneous performance and Thomas Krüger uploaded the mobile phone video to YouTube under the stage name “Thomas Krüger – Mr. Pianoman”. And then it happened, practically overnight the video spread rapidly and has reached over 55 million viewers to date. From then on, Thomas Krüger had found his passion.

With his YouTube channel of almost 1 million subscribers, Thomas Krüger is now "Germany's biggest piano YouTuber". He landed several viral videos in which he played the piano in public at airports, train stations, shopping malls or public places. True to the motto: wherever there is a piano, he goes to it.

He is a pianist and composer with an unbelievably irrepressible passion for music.

In addition to classics, his own compositions and productions, the young artist's repertoire includes all kinds of self-created medleys, in which he "mixes together" pieces from film music, charts, rock/pop/jazz and also dance/house live like a DJ.

He gives concerts and now tours nationally and internationally.

In 2013 he was also seen on television during his participation in "Das Supertalent", in which he made it to the SEMI-FINALS on RTL with the 'Golden Buzzer'. Supertalent jury member GUIDO MARIA KRETSCHMER on the young artist: "I've heard so many pianists, but you were so great, you're special and touch you so much."

- Rachmaninov -

"There is enough music for a living, but not enough life for the music."

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